3 Candle Making Mistakes To Avoid As A Beginner

Candle making has become not only a popular hobby but also a popular home-based business possibility, with many people choosing candle manufacturing as their preferred vehicle for working from home.

It isn’t easy to quantify how many homes in the modern world have candles in some form or another, but I’m guessing it’s well over 85 percent. They would serve as a light source, aromatherapy, religious purposes, and to create an atmosphere, to name a few. 

Prepare to go on a journey of discovery when you make your candles! Making candles is a learning process, and you will quickly learn what to do and what not to do. 

Here are a few candle making mistakes and their fixes, to keep in mind while you experiment with your candles. 

Candle Making Mistakes 1: Sinkhole in the Center

When I first started creating candles. I believed a sinkhole in the candle’s center as usual. What a fool I was! I had no idea that wax expands when heated, causing natural shrinkage when it cools. This shrinkage is what creates the depression.

Warming the container or mold before putting the wax in has shown to be beneficial. While the candle is cooling, you should poke a few holes around the wick and refill it to the same level. You may have to repeat this process a few times. 

Candle Making Mistakes 2: Smoking Candles

Have you had any issues with smoking or sooty candles while manufacturing your candles? If you have, consider the following two questions: 

1. Have you trimmed the wick? 

Poorly trimmed wicks can cause smoking, and if the wick is too large to begin with, this exacerbates the problem. A properly sized wick should ideally consume the wax at the same pace at which it melts it. Keep all of your wicks trimmed to a quarter-inch length. 

2. Is your candle burning in an area where there is a draft?

 If you notice the candle flame shifting from side to side and producing puffs of smoke. It is in a draft. Shift the candle to a less drafty location, or try to eliminate the draft. 

Candle Making Mistakes 3: Leaking Candles

Occasionally. you may notice uneven burning and dripping of candles. Troubleshoot this issue by asking yourself the following questions: 

1. Have you placed your candle in a draft?

When you burn candles in an area with even a tiny draft, one side may burn faster than the other. This creates a lower point on the candle’s edge, allowing the wax to leak and run out. Remove the source of the draft, decrease it, or relocate the candle if possible. 

2. Where did you put the wick? 

If the wick is not put in the middle of the candle, there will be more heat on one side of the candle. Before pouring, make sure to place the wick carefully. 

3. Have you trimmed your wick?

 As previously stated, poorly trimmed wicks result in more extraordinary flames, causing the wax to melt faster than the wick can consume it. Keep the wicks cut to 14 inches. 

4. Have you selected the proper wick size? 

A candle might drip if the wick is too small. The wick size you choose must be appropriate for the wax formula and the diameter of your candle. Keep in mind that a suitably sized wick will eat wax at the same pace as it melts it.

This will prevent any excess melted wax from accumulating, resulting in no leaking. There is some testing going on here. Check out the wick size charts that are available on the internet. 

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