7 Best Candle Making Books For Beginners And Pros To Learn At Home

Have you ever thought that you can master Candle Making in just a few days? I am pretty sure you will be excited to learn this new skill. So finally you will learn how to make amazing fragrance candles effortlessly. I will show you how you can master candle making for profit or fun, following the simple step-by-step instructions in Candle Making books.

You can make wonderful-smelling candles at home doing simple steps that can freshen up the mood, make room welcoming, or for gifting. These scent filled candles can also make a full time income for you. Keep reading, you will find an amazing e-book about the candle making business as well..

You must be looking for the best candle-making books that can help you improve your candle-making skills for yourself or for your candle business.

Reading these books will help you achieve considerable improvement in your candle-making art. You can learn this skill as a beginner from the very inception as these books are made for all levels. With these resources, you can easily make the best ones the Candle Industry has, using the material easily available at home.

Finding candle-making books is a bit harder because there are so many in the market. But don’t worry, after reading, you will come to know about the best and most helpful books out there.

What are the best Candle Making Books?

All these candle-making books are easy to read and are based on beginner as well advanced level. If you download these e-books as a bundle, you will get FREE guides on perfume and incense stick making. Visit this link for more information. Here are the most recommended candle making books:

1. Candle Making 4 You Book

Candle Making 4 You is a step-by-step candle-making guide that contains every piece of information that a candle maker should know. It is available for instant download and can be read at the comfort of home even if it is 3 A.M in the morning. Here is what you will learn in the first component that is Candles making 4 u:

  1. How to make all the different kinds of candles including beeswax, tealight, hurricane shells, rolled, layered, containers, molded pillars, votive objects, etc.
  2. The secret of scented candles is about how to mix endless scents and aromas.
  3. How to make special massage and spa candles that exude a sensual and relaxing scent.
  4. How to make healing candles by using essential oils and applying the principles of aromatherapy, you can make candles have a powerful healing effect.
  5. Regarding the different types of wax, this is essential if you want to make beautiful candles professionally.
  6. How to get all the equipment and materials you need at a very cheap price.
  7. Ways to recycle candle wax from used candles or industries that usually sell it at a fraction of the original cost.
  8. How to design and make your own mold so that you can make a unique candle, which will differentiate your candle using the work of art.
  9. Guide on making a clean-burning candle and how to control burning time.
  10. How to troubleshoot problems that may arise while candle making
  11. Choosing the right wick for your candle as all wicks are created unequal.

2. Candle Making Fragrance and Scents Book

Many believe that making a good-smelling candle is hard. A perfect candle is one that has a great shape, color, and incredible fragrance. It really seems like a difficult task.

Knowing how to apply the exact proportion of scents can make your candles a true winner. …a scent that is realistic, super strong, and performs well in any wax. Now imagine that once your candles are lit, they will fill the room with fragrance, and everyone will want to know where this wonderful smell comes from!

3. Custom Candle Molds Guide

Making candles yourself allows you to control the aroma, color, shape, and size of the candle. Molds are needed to shape candles, and molds are usually purchased from candle supply stores. 

But what if you can make your own custom mold for this unique personal feeling? Of course, you can! This step-by-step guide will help you understand many different types of molds and how to make your own affordable molds easily.

 Soon, you will make truly personalized candles using your imagination and knowledge that no one else can.

4. Candle Making Business

Candles can be used for many purposes such as decorations and gifts. They add elegance to our homes, creates a pleasant environment, adds liveliness to wedding banquets, and brighten every occasion with different fragrances and colors. Therefore there is a huge business opportunity which you might miss out on.

Those who are passionate about candle-making can turn it into a profitable business. But just like other fields, this business also demands skills, expertise, and knowledge. Before embarking on this very rewarding profession, you need to master this guide which will show you all the crucial details that you need to know about starting the business of candle making.

5. Candle Making Supplies Wholesaler

It is almost impossible to run a profitable candle-making business without quality yet cheap supplies. Every candle maker struggles to find suppliers of low-cost supplies. This guide contains the author’s own personal list of the best quality wholesalers for affordable candle materials and equipment in the world.

6. Guide on selling candles on eBay

There are crazy income opportunities out of candle-making that you can’t even imagine. One such serious idea is selling homemade candles on eBay. Trust me there is great money to be made on the eBay marketplace.

And to make money on this platform, you need marketing skills as much as you need candle-making skills. Profits are huge if you are producing the candles yourself. This detailed guide will take to through the process and reveals some secrets to sell more.

7. Guide on selling candles in Crafts Fairs

Selling candles at the crafts fair is a new income opportunity that you might miss. This guides you on how to monetize your newly found candle-making skills. It comes with little-known tips, tricks, and techniques on selling candles at craft fairs effortlessly.

Here are the free bonuses that will be downloaded once you purchase candle making books bundle:

BONUS 1: Hand Dipped Incense Sticks And Cones

Incense making is a fun exercise as it unleashes our creativity in a meditative manner. This guide will teach you about how you can make your own handmade incense for your perfumes.

To make a perfect gift set or a high ticket product, you can make candles, soaps, and body products with matching incense. This manual will guide you step by step about how you can make your own hand-dipped Incense Sticks and Cones.

BONUS 2: How To Make Soaps

How to make soap is an excellent homemade soap preparation guide. This resource will help you make luxurious soaps that are perfect to sell, use or gift. It will go through the ways in which you can start your home-based or small business of soap making.

BONUS 3: How To Make Your Own Perfume

Finally, now you can smell irresistible without spending a lot on perfumes. This is possible because this guide can teach you about this simple and fun hobby of making perfumes.

You can express your creativity with a few dollars in your spare time by making unique fragrances. This resource will ease down the process of making your own perfume. You can make a scent that expresses yourself with a fragrance that no one else can claim. 

BONUS 4: Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy means the usage of plant oils in their purest form to promote physical and mental well-being. The word aroma means inhalation of essential oils into lungs for physical and psychological benefits. This book will go through the making of these natural scents that help and heal.

How Candle Making Books Can Help You?

Candle Making Books will guide you to become an advanced candle maker from a very beginner. It’s all techniques that you will learn in the process. It does not matter if you want to start candle-selling business, learning as a hobby, or learning to make wonderfully scented candles for gifting. Here is how these books can benefit you:

  • Step-by-step beginner friendly explanations on candle making.
  • Guide you to start Candle Making Business
  • Candle Making Mistakes to Avoid as a Beginner
  • Reduce expenditure by providing the list of most affordable candle supplies wholesalers in the world.
  • Speed up candle production without compromising quality.
  • How to make beautiful packages quickly.
  • Secret tips about selling online, stores, and fairs.
  • Business promotion strategies without advertising expenditure.
  • Mistakes to avoid as a novice seller.
  • Guide on turning a small business into a full-fledged candle-making enterprise.
  • Easily Downloadable and Compatible with every device
  • Instant access to all videos– No shipping hassle
  • Clickbank Secure Payment Gateway
  • 60 Days No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee
  • Trusted by 10000+ people worldwide

Candle Making Books Pricing

We can’t deny the fact that Candle making 4 You is the oldest, most downloaded, and recommended book in the industry that actually teaches step-by-step how to make popular candles and exotic candles that are easy to sell. Not just the making, it all contains all the information about procuring, selling, and marketing.

Candle Making Books complete bundle with all bonuses is available for instant download at a one time price of 27$ only for lifetime access with 60 days long money-back guarantee! But you might get a 10$ special discount if you buy it within the offer period.

If you have no idea where to start as there is a lot of stuff online, you can download the complete Candle Making Books bundle as it guides from very basic to the latest and advanced candle-making techniques. It’s a complete resource that covers every piece of information that exists about great candles. There is complimentary access as well to other useful guides like making of perfume, soap, and aromatherapy.

Candle Making Books Reviews

Here are just a few testimonials of Candle Making 4 You book. Visit Candle Making Books Pricing, to purchase this book in the bundle. We feel blessed when we hear about such outstanding results. Help us improve by sharing your feedback good or bad after the purchase.

I was looking for Candle making books since very long time. Glad I found this webiste. Have completed Candle Making 4 You guide a few days back and i am already making awesome candles. Really loving my new skills. Thanks!
Sundar Azure
42 years old, Lexington, Kentucky
I am so grateful for these ebooks. The materials are so well explained and easy to implement. Learned candle making during the lockdown in my free time. Whole heartedly thanks for bringing the Candle Making guide specifically for beginners like me. Great stuff.
Jennifer Radford
21 years old
Bought the candle making books package a week before, I am still learning. I would say the size and detail is amazing for this price. Got it for 27$ only which I think the most affordable price in the Industry. Got a total of 11 books. Already learnt so much. Highly recommended!!!!
Patricia Ellison
Single Mother